The Face of Resistance. Ukraine, 2022. Episode 2

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To say that Ukraine today is the very inflamed part of the world is no exaggeration. Every single day, billions of people are struggling for the right to live in a free and peaceful country. Our brave soldiers, medics, volunteers, volunteer fighters, all Ukrainians in general, who unhesitatingly defend their motherland from Russian invaders, impressed the whole world with their fearless resistance. We must protect our home in any possible way, fight to the finish - and win. The war changed all of us forever, and the world should know the history of these transformations.
Ukrainian director and cinematographer Oleg Tolmachov together have created a cycle of exclusive documentaries about ordinary people affected by the war in Ukraine. The first episodes are dedicated to residents of Kyiv, Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, and the Chernihiv region, who told about their struggles during the events of the occupation. They have different stories but share the same goal - victory.
Episode 2. Natalya. Kolychivka village. Ukraine. April 2022
There are no people in the war who are not afraid. But when there are defenseless children nearby, worries about one's own life recedes into the background. Therefore, being strong and rescuing them becomes a priority.
Natalya from Kolychivka village, Chernihiv region, survived a terrible shelling. She was hiding in the basement of her house together with a 6-year-old niece. Anxiety, uncertainty, and fear left an imprint on their memory forever.
There are thousands of such stories, and behind each one there are unique internal experiences of people who will never be the same again. But what remains unchanged is the question: why?

Zina Digieva
Zina Digieva 14 gün önce
Я вспомнила 1994 год Грозный, 🥺🥺🥺как Я понимаю их😭😭😭😭😭
Rika Besançon
Rika Besançon 14 gün önce
Renata Renata
Renata Renata 14 gün önce
L Shamon
L Shamon 14 gün önce
How could a mom take one kid not the other I don’t care what the circumstances are!
Zina Digieva
Zina Digieva 14 gün önce
Юлия В
Юлия В Gün önce
А у Донбасских детей стресс 8 лет
Алла Чёрная
Алла Чёрная 14 gün önce
Хіба можна було маму з хворою дитиною евакуювати а другу дитину ні?
world of Tenk blitz
world of Tenk blitz 14 gün önce
Россия гражданских не тронут не когда
Ирина Васильева
Ирина Васильева 14 gün önce
Ещё хватает наглости у россиян комментировать...
Надежда Федосова
Надежда Федосова 14 gün önce
Посмотрите кому выгодно, кто призывает сражаться до последнего украинского солдата ! Проклинайте дядюшку Сэма и англосаксов ! Россию вынудили защищать свои рубежи ! Украина байкотирует все мирные переговоры, а только просит у всех стран оружие !!!
José Virgilio Rosas Duarte
José Virgilio Rosas Duarte 14 gün önce
Viva a Rússia !!!
Дарья 14 gün önce
Я из россии и скажу честно, информацию скрывают как в России так и в Украине. Мне очень жаль людей из Украины, но пожалуйста, не нужно говорить что все русские плохие. Нет плохих наций, есть плохие люди, и они есть вездеи в России и в Украине и в других странах!
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